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How much will it cost?

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What kind of speeches can you write?

You provide certain key bits of information, and we will write you a speech in whatever style fits best.

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What information will I have to provide?

  • Who you're talking to
  • Some background about the event itself
  • A few key things you want to talk about
  • A bit about your own likes and dislikes
  • How long you want the speech to last

I'll e-mail you some questions to get us started - or we could talk it through on the phone - whichever suits you best.

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How long does it take?

  • We can turn round speeches very quickly in an emergency - though that will cost a little more
  • But the longer you give us, the more time we'll have for research
  • And the more personal and specific the results will be!

As a colleague used to say: "Talk to us early - save grief!"

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How do you deliver the finished speech to me?

  • Normally by e-mail, as a MS Word document attachment
  • But we can use other formats if you prefer
  • Any size, any style you like (full text, bullet points, large print etc)

Flexibility is the name of the game: whatever best works for you.

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How do I pay you?

  • Cheque (UK banks only)
  • Direct bank transfer - details on request
  • PayPal online payment (please add 5 to total)

Unfortunately we can't accept credit or debit card transactions.

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